Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies
Some Litter Pictures of Puppies from Jasper and Paradise (prior bitch - retired)
Above 2 Pictures From Spring 2011 Litter
From Wes (Spring 2011 Puppy Owner):
Lacey, Kate has taken to the field and is doing very well. She pointed 4 chuckers and retrived 3 of them this week. It was her second trip to the game farm. For a 7 month old pup I think she is doing a fine job. She is also very easy to keep close while hunting and a pleasure to hunt with.  
Received 05/26/2012:
Lacey, This is just a nice picture of Kate. She is pointing a dandelion I think. What a beautiful dog!!!! We think she is everything we read about. Wes & Diane
Received 08/26/12:
Both are Marshow Kennel Dogs/Pups
Lacey, Things are going good. Here's a few pictures of the girls. Kate & Chelsie play nicely together most of the time. Thanks Wes & Diane
Received 02/14/13:
Lacey, A few pictures of the girls, and yes Diane has them spoiled!!!! It's getting hard to get my beauty rest these days. Sorry it took so long. We enjoy their company..... most of the time. LOL, Wes and Diane
From Gregory (Fall 2011 Puppy Owner):
Christmas 2011 - Middie
Update Received 10/17/12:
Middie...on her first hunt        beautiful dog!!!!
From Denes (Fall 2011 - Puppy Owner):
Submitted by Emily and Chris (Fall 2011 - Puppy Owner):
I wanted to give you an update on puppy #5, or as we now call her, Maggie :) Her full name is Magnolia and for AKC purposes she is Marshoy's Sugar Magnolia. Maggie is doing great and is fitting right into our family. I think it really helped with the transition that we took the week off from work. She is the sweetest most cuddliest puppy, but boy when she is ready to play, she is full of energy (although usually only briefly)! We are so impressed with her temper and demeanor and have commented several times that she is such a well behaved puppy. Chris even practiced pointing with her in our backyard this weekend using a scented quail wing and she did great! I've attached a few pictures of her first week in our house for your viewing pleasure :)
Update From Emily and Chris (Fall 2011 - Puppy Owner) - 08/09/13:
Hi Lacey! I hope this email finds you and your family well! We wanted to send you some recent pictures of Magnolia enjoying her summer :) It's hard to believe she will be two in October!

Chris and I also wanted to inquire about the 2015 litter that is mentioned on your website. We have been talking about getting another female griff and we would love to have another marshoy puppy (and the timing would work very well for us). We would also love to drive up there this time so magnolia could visit and avoid having to fly a puppy again (a stressful event if you remember!). We were wondering if you have started a list for this litter yet and if so, is there room for our name? We look forward to hearing from you!
From the Stanley Family (Fall 2011 - Puppy Owner):

Just wanted to let you know Scout is doing great, he’s going to the Vet Wednesday to receive his last series of shots I can’t wait to get him out of the house and in the woods he’s bouncing off the walls! I would have more pictures but it is nearly impossible to get him to sit stillJ he plays well with our other dog they love to chase each other in and out of the doggie door and wrestle at our feet . he loves getting baths and has even tried to get in the shower with us a few times. He is very loving and playful we love him very much and I want to thank you for your generosity..

Update From the Stanley Family 04/21/12:
hi lacey,
scout is now about 6mo old and hes doing great in and out of the house we could not have asked for a better dog.. he loves getting muddy in the woods but thats ok because he also loves jumping in the pond to wash up before we go home:) he has never been on a leash and he spends the whole day in the woods with me he always stays within sight and never wanders he just plays and takes naps under the shade of the trees. He is really starting to show his skills I can throw his ball as far out of sight as I can in the thickest nastest mess and he uses his nose to scan down wind until he hits the sent and comes back with it everytime.He is also starting to point at everyting deer, turkey,and he even got within 4' of a coon and pointing him out to me instead of chasing he waits for my command for now the only thing hes aloud to chase is squirrels. I get a lot of complements on him and a lot of what is he?!?
Update From the Stanley Family 07/13/13:
hi lacey,  I had to share this pix with you. feel free to use as you like.
From the Smolinski Family (Fall 2011 - Puppy Owner)
here are some pics of moose...he is doing great!! already been on the birds & has completely won the hearts of everyone he meets!!
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2012: Marshoy's Marsh Marauder "Moose" earns his NAVHDA prize I NA with a perfect score of 112! special thanks to Lacey & Eric..and to Jasper & Paradise!
Congratulations Shannon and Moose!
From the Saur Family (Fall 2011 - Puppy Owner): Received 03/25/2012:
Hi Lacey,
It has been three months since we brought Prestwick (formerly female #2) home. So far she has been an excellent dog and just what we were hoping for in a WPG. She was housebroken fast is taking well to obedience training. She won't be used as a hunting dog but seems to love her walks in the local parks around our home - always looking for brush, fallen trees and other 'agility' items in which to navigate - and she has been great with the neighborhood dogs and other family.
Tim and Tera
From Linda Grant (Puppy owner - Summer 2012 litter): Received 11/06/12
I hope you are all ok after this storm. You should be having a little snow by now.
Opie is doing great! She is such a calm puppy and loves the outdoors.
She's already been through obedience and on to Good Citizens soon.
We enjoy her tremendously.
Say hello to your beautiful family.
Take care,
Linda Grant
From the Wenzel Family (Summer 2012 - Puppy Owner): Received 12/25/2012:
Hi Lacey,
Attached is a picture of Mollie. She is such a good dog and getting big.
She and our old dog Toby have become very good friends....they romp around and bounce on each other all the time! She has sure changed him!
Update From the Wenzel Family (Summer 2012 - Puppy Owner): Received 05/04/2013:
Here is Mollie.....just done chasing a rabbit!
From Jenna W-G (Puppy owner - January 2013 litter): Received 07/23/13
I hope you are well.  I wanted to share some photos of Kaiser.  We love him so much and are very grateful to you.  Everywhere we go people ask about him and comment on how handsome he is.  I hope you enjoy these.  Please feel free to share them if you'd like.  I hope your new pup pup is settling in.

From Jim Brunken (Puppy owner): Received September 19, 2012

Hope all is well.  Another quick update….Rookie continues to do very well.  Walking on a leash gets better by the day.  Hardly an accident in the house anymore, usually our fault as he goes right to the door if he has to go out.  Loves his crate, goes in for our dinner time, over night and during the day when we are at work.   We are getting a urine sample today to bring to the vet, as he seems to pee a ton.  Like, every 10 to 15 minutes.  He understands ‘give’ and always releases whatever he has in his mouth.  He understands ‘come’, and will do it unless he is preoccupied or distracted.  He sits on command.  He loves to snuggle up with people, barely barks and loves playing with the kids.  So far so good.  Oh, he hates getting a bath…those have been tough…sounds like he is being tortured.  


Update From The Brunken Family: Received 10/25/12

So Rookie is doing great.  Growing fast, he’s probably 35 pounds or so right now, right on schedule according to the vet.  No more accidents in the house or his crate, in fact it’s been a while since he’s had any.  He sticks w/ chewing his bones/toys, and has not yet wrecked any furniture.  He has his puppy moments of craziness where he jumps on the furniture and nips a little, but that’s only when he needs attention.  He does great in his crate during the day and at night.  He has discovered his bark recently and lets it loose when he wants something.  He’s smart as heck.  Very well behaved.  He is trained on the invisible fence (which didn’t take long) and is pretty darn good with come, stay and sit commands.

Took him for a long walk through some nature trails yesterday, off the leash, and he was awesome.  Was never more than 30-30 feet from me and Kristen, came to me on command.


Update From Jim Brunken (Puppy owner): Received July 17, 2013

So, we celebrated Rookie’s birthday and things are going great.  He is such a good dog.  I mean, he’s incredible.  He’s a good listening, great with the kids, has adjusted to our crazy lifestyle, loves the bath now and loves going for car rides.  Everyone that meets him just loves him.  We could not be happier.  Hope all is well.


From The Turner Family (Puppy Owner - January 2013 Litter): Received May 4, 2013
Jeter's first day of training. We just thought you might enjoy these pics.
From The Boddie Family (Puppy Owner - January 2013 Litter): Received April 7, 2013
From The Emidy Family (Puppy Owner - June 2012): Received 03/26/13
Forgive me for not providing you with the status of my pup. I named him Forest. He is a most friendly dog who is smart as a whip. Everybody who meets him like him as well. I took him out for an evaluation to see if he would be a hunting dog. He passed the evaluation. With some training I expect him to meet all my expectations for bird hunting.  I have attached several picture of him that’s a month or so old. He has lost most of his white hair and his spots are subdued. I am very to have him as well as my family.
The Klein Family (Puppy Owner - January 2013 Litter): Recieved 09/24/13
This is Dude at 8 months of age. He is retrieving waterfowl with no problem. He has a lot of drive and is a quick learner, just a pleasure to be around. Thanks for everything.
We want to thank all of the families who have given our puppies terrific homes and a thank you to those who have contributed to this page.  Thank you.
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